The ways of priming are looked at from an experimental point of view. Layers of water colour are put in the shower so that a random pattern remains, paper already black will be given contours by rubbing out lines and flats, a toothbrush is put into a jar of acrylic paint and cleaned using a sieve….. Every time creating a priming with which work is continued.

Meeting Irish artist Liam Foster, who encourages him, and especially his friendship with German writer/philosopher Alexander Gusovius are his sources of inspiration, increasingly looking for new optic emotions.

Jan Deckers, painter

An expressive work of art is already present in the matter with which one begins. This statement from Michelangelo stands alone and puts to words one possibility to describe the birth of a work of art.

Different from his musical curriculum, Jan Deckers is completely self-taught as an expressive artist. Not until the age of twenty, the first lines and flats are made with pencil and brush. However, it does not take long before a way of composing is created, which can best be described as priming the base.

Layer after layer, very soft structures are created, which –at first independent from each other- then suddenly form unity and reveal a recognizable pattern, which will then be carefully completed.

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